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Why I Discourage Perfect Pitch

I’ll never forget the look that I shared with a friend of mine after one of our first University music tests. It wasn’t even a high stakes situation. It was simply a pre-assessment to determine what class we should join for our aural studies. As you learn really quickly in a music degree, it’s not about where you start, it’s about how hard you work to get where you want to go. So even though the test wasn’t easy, we all left free in the knowledge that it didn’t determine any of our final grades. We all went to get the obligatory midday coffee, and one student just couldn’t resist it. He had to have his moment of glory. “I know he didn’t ask for it, but on that final transcription, I included that it was in A Major, just to show that I knew it.” Now, to give context, many of the rest of us had struggled on the final task. It was 5 bars of piano music, with no key signature, time signature …


Welcome to the music educator website! I am Jenny Guilford, an educator with over 12 years experience as an instrumental teacher, and 4 years as a classroom practitioner. I’ve taught everything from a tantruming 3 year old, to a classroom full of 10 year olds preparing a flashy dance number. I made this website to establish a community of music educators. As co-founder of the (In)Equal Temperament Project, I am passionate about decolonising the music classroom, and interrogating how we were taught. We should be willing to adapt how we teach, to include more people in the wonder that is music education. On this website there will be resources, including original sheet music, units of classroom work and all sorts of other resources designed to make your life simpler. You are the busy teacher, after all. Let’s get this education party started!