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Music ‘Theory’

As a short disclaimer to begin, this topic is far too complicated to cover in one small blog post. Therefore, I will aim to inspire thought, not give all the answers. You’re probably wondering about the title to this post. Music ‘theory’. Am I saying music theory doesn’t exist? No. Am I saying music theory is all wildly incorrect? No. Am I suggesting that it is, perhaps, just a ‘theory’? Almost. I’ve shared before the story of how I finally understood chords. Not till I was 18 years old, at University, in a music theory lecture. That shocks many musicians. How could I have made it that far as a musician and not understood chords? Because chords don’t exist. Have I got your attention now? I mean, of course chords exist. But at the end of the day, someone once put a label on a collection of notes, and told us that it should only be used in a certain way. And to me, chords really didn’t exist. I saw each note as a standalone, …