What’s in a Resource?

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Our shop has launched!

And now that it has, we decided that it was time to explain how the resources at the music educator work.

The aim of all music resources sold on this website is to make music teachers jobs easier, every day. With that in mind, let’s explore exactly how we are doing that!

First of all, every resource we create comes with a ‘How to use this resource’ page. As a professional yourself, chances are you could always figure out how to use a worksheet, play a game or teach a lesson. But why should you spend that time working it out? This part of our resource tries to make your use of our resource as straightforward as possible.

Secondly, when you use one of our resources that involve note reading (on a grand staff), that there is colour coding involved. This is purposefully entirely random. As so many people have differing associations, colours were chosen simply to support students who that would find the correspondence helpful. The simple work around is to print it out in black and white!

Thirdly, there is a consistent use of both solfege (in fixed do for the resources currently available) and alphabet names. Sometimes there are separate worksheets with either option, or there are both options printed. The simple reason for this is that both systems work (in their different ways), and both can be used to wonderful effect. There is a more extensive post about this here.

The next feature is the frequent inclusion of learning intentions/outcomes. This is to, again, make your life easier in knowing that you are teaching your students as well as you possibly can.

Lastly, there is our (much easier to read) Terms of Use. Although we have our proper one here, this one clearly explains what we expect from the use of our resources.

Want to see what we mean? Pop over to our shop to find out!

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