Music Education and Technology

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This is a repost, as the download link was not functioning previously, and I want everyone to have an opportunity to get this resource for free!

I know, incorporating technology into your music lesson can be drag, right?

Students don’t follow instructions, get too distracted, browse the internet instead of work, or the technology itself betrays you.

To me, I have to admit that sounds like most adult workplaces.

I would argue that teaching music technology is indispensable. Most musicians I know end up using technology to support their work (including me!). So why do we avoid teaching it?

Some of the reasons above start to describe why, but there is more to it than that. We teach the way we have been taught, which for a lot of us did not include music technology until we were adults. To make ourselves change the way we teach music, we need to do it on purpose.

One of the most indispensable pieces of advice ever given to me in my teaching degree was simple.

Work smarter, not harder.

In this context, all that means is to use only the most user-friendly technology, as well as resources that have already been made for you. And no, I am not only here to advertise mine!

The internet is full of excellent resources to incorporate technology into your curriculum. From online song writing activities at Inside the Orchestra, and so many others! All of these can and should be utilised by music teachers to allow students to support interaction with music technology.

“But I know that you have one to advertise too, right?”

You got me.

We have made a resource specifically for this, and it is purposefully different to the above. One problem we all have as teachers is using the internet safely and effectively in the classroom. We know that online advertising, pop-ups, and students themselves can make technology lessons more difficult than they need to be. You are a music teacher who should get to focus on teaching music, not worrying about what your students are up to!

So at the music educator, we made a GarageBand resource that can be used entirely offline. This resource can be used for in-person or at-home learning, and gives students everything they need to get started with GarageBand. For a limited time, I am giving it away here for free! Really, have a look.

Oh no, it looks like you missed out on our free resource! Don’t worry, if you look through our most recent blog posts, you will probably find another one, and it’s always available in the shop.

(For Australian teachers, this one is really for you. Hang in there with lockdown!)

If you use this resource, and have any feedback about it, please do let us know in the comments! And if you simply fall in love with it, remember that there are even more resources available in our shop.

Feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending responsibilities of a music teacher? Us too! Go to our shop to find reasonably priced music education resources designed by experts to make your life easier.

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