This is how we do it

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Calling all music teachers.

Tell me, how do we get it all done?

Keeping up our own instrumental practice, preparing meaningful music lessons, teaching the actual lessons, attending professional development, as well as even beginning to listen to what our students want?!

The simple answer is, of course, that we do. Because you are a qualified music professional, for whom the tasks on that list are now simple and easy to accomplish.

Well done, indeed.

The secret of the true music teaching professional is that we do not do it on our own. Work smarter, not harder, right?

The number of times I have sat down with my colleagues and shared ideas, developed new strategies, even new sheet music, cannot even begin to be counted.

But I hope this post has reached a few people who do not feel that they can relate to the above. The new music teachers, the uncertain pianists venturing into delivering lessons, the shy flautist who feels unsure of what to include.

Do you know that you go into teaching with more experience behind you that most new classroom teachers?

How long have you studied your instrument?

How many years have you received lessons?

How many hours have you spent practicing?

Every single part of your journey as a musician has prepared you to be a teacher.

And we at the music educator are here to help you build your community! And in the spirit of that, let’s dive into free resource Thursday.

The resource this week is one that is designed particularly for the newest music teachers. It can be difficult when you start to know how long to make a lesson, what to teach, and especially how to leave students with meaningful notes to guide their practice.

Presenting our lesson notes template! With handy tips on all of the above, and a template to suit all lesson types, we hope it helps you settle into your music education journey.

Oh no, it looks like you missed out on our free resource! Don’t worry, if you look through our most recent blog posts, you will probably find another one, and it’s always available in the shop.

Feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending responsibilities of a music teacher? Us too! Go to our shop to find reasonably priced music education resources designed by experts to make your life easier.

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