Hi, I’m Jenny – an educator, performer and composer.

I’m passionate about excellent music education, and know that teachers are busy people who need great resources to suit individual students. I’ve made this website to share music education resources, designed with flexibility to suit your unique teaching needs.

  • black and gray cassette tape leaned on wall

    What even is music?

    The more I work as a musician in the modern world, the more I begin to ponder this question as an educator. What is music? What is this thing that we teach?

  • words spelled on scrabble tiles

    Take a moment

    Take a moment. How can you truly be an anti-racist music educator? Nate Holder knows more about it than me! Read him today instead.

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    Music isn’t perfect

    Perfectionism is the well-worn path of a lot of musicians. But it is not what we should be passing on to our students.


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